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Our One Simple Goal – Use the Tax Code To Lower Your Income Tax Liability!

Small business owners face a multitude of financial challenges.  In addition to the normal concerns every business owner faces such as staffing, sales, expense management, managing regulatory requirements and so forth, a small business owner faces numerous personal financial issues as well.  Since the signing of the ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) law on Labor Day 1974 by President Gerald Ford, the way Americans are able to plan for retirement has changed.

Small business owners may have many more tax favorable options, not only for themselves, but also for key employees that are not widely known.  At Vital Tax Solutions, our goal is to raise your awareness of some of these strategies, ones that even your CPA is not aware of and that could change your financial life!  We consult with some of the nation’s top retirement and tax experts in helping to create these strategies for our clients.  The simple truth with this type of planning is this;  what you don’t know could cost you thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional taxes!  It doesn’t hurt to find out more!

Tax Advantaged Retirement Planning

Tax advantaged retirement planning for small business owners involves working with tax strategies that can dramatically lower your retirement income tax liabilities.  Here are some questions to consider;

  1. Are you aware of special sections of the tax code that allow you to position a special asset inside of your company 401(k) plan so that you can dramatically reduce your income tax liability when you retire?  It may even help to plan for a ROTH conversion too!
  2. Do you know that there are ways to use the value of your business to create tax-free retirement income strategies?
  3. Are you aware that there are special ways to incentivize your key employees to remain loyal and stay with you without overpaying them today?

There are numerous tax strategies, not commonly known to many tax professionals that you need to be aware of.  Our goal is to raise your awareness!  

Wealth Preservation Planning

We help business owner clients to find ways to minimize out of pocket costs for Federal and State Estate taxes as well as finding ways to create new tax advantaged strategies for owners and their heirs.

Turning your company 401(k) balance into a guaranteed lifetime stream of income and still leave a legacy. 

These strategies are important for the business owner who is not planning to sell his or her company when they are ready to retire but who may be in a position where they need to be sure never to run out of income. 

Financial Literacy for Your Employees

More and more employees are turning to their employers for answers on financial matters.  When employees are under financial stress, it can impact their performance at work.  Knowledge is power!  Vital Tax Solutions, in cooperation with The Society of Financial Awareness can create an ongoing employee financial literacy plan for your company.  We can work with you or your Human Resources professional to create a financial education program your employees will thank you for.  Click here to learn more.

How to Retain Your Key Employees Without Going Broke!

There are several creative strategies that you can employ as a business owner that will have your key employees tied to your business without ever looking elsewhere!  These strategies are not commonly known, completely legal, highly tax advantaged for both the business owner and the employee!  They take advantage of unique sections of the tax code.