Worcester, Ma

Why CPAs Should Partner With Us.

Answer one simple question.  Do you consistently work with your business owner clients to find every cost savings strategy they might have including cost remediation through cost segregation strategies, R&D credits, Property Tax Mitigation and qualified pension planning? 

For the vast majority of CPAs we already know the answer, no.  The reasons are many.  For most it is a matter of not having the staff to do this, the required expertise to do it or maybe even the desire.

How many times has your business owner client asked if there was anything else they could do to reduce their tax burden or increase profitability?  We think it is an unasked question as often as it is asked.  What if a competing CPA or business planning firm showed your clients thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax and cost savings that you never mentioned?  Now, by partnering through our firm, you can become an even more valuable resource for your business owner clients and help them to find these cost savings and additional tax savings.  The best part is you won’t need to hire additional staff and it won’t cost your client a penny to have the studies done to find out how much they can save. You become their hero, and you get paid for your recommendation as well.

Let us meet together to show you how you can become affiliated with our partners who will perform the proper analysis for your clients and make you look like a superstar. Click here to arrange a 20 minute meeting so that we can walk you through this amazing program.

On the individual side we can help you to consider tax savings strategies for your clients who will face massive taxes in retirement simply because they were great at saving money in a qualified plan such as a 401(k), IRA, 403(b) or government deferred compensation plan.  We will also project taxes well into retirement and help you to have the pro-active conversation now with your individual clients before they retire.  Don’t be a tax historian, be proactive and help your clients find ways now to save taxes in retirement.  Click here to watch our client video on the hidden tax time bomb in your retirement plan.

Let’s get together to see how we can partner together to help you grow your practice.